Academic Writing and Math Support Centres

At ATU Sligo all students have access to both Academic Writing and Math Support Services


The Academic Writing Centre offers free advice and support on all aspects of academic writing to all students of ATU Sligo, whether you are studying online or on campus. The centre also offers advice and support to staff who are writing for publication, writing reports or writing dissertations.

What can the Academic Writing Centre Help with?

  • Getting started with an assignment: planning, outline & structure
  • The writing process: generating ideas, drafting, revising & editing
  • Critical reading and effective note-taking
  • Developing an argument: critical reading, thinking and writing
  • Reflective writing, report writing & writing for a literature review
  • Writing for a dissertation
  • Successful writing in exams
  • Avoiding plagiarism
  • Grammar, punctuation and spelling

Maths Support Centre

Support is our priority. We have invested heavily in our learning facilities to ensure our students have access to the latest enhancements in technology and are supported throughout their academic journey.


The thoughts of the first assignment can be a daunting prospect for many. Therefore, students of all ages and abilities can benefit from our Academic Writing Centre. Supports include getting started with assignments, effective notetaking, report writing, avoiding plagiarism and successful writing in exams. And of course, the writing process – generating ideas, drafting, revising and editing. Students can access these facilities on a one-to-one basis or as a small group. Online resources such as a grammar checker, academic phrase bank and an essay planner are available. In addition, students can earn a digital badge at their own pace with our self-directed academic writing programme. Academic Writing Centre


Maths is a subject that even the most capable student can struggle with. That is why we have established the Maths Support Centre. This innovative and friendly centre offers the supports many students need. Services include consultations, tutorials, computer-based tutorials and access to relevant text materials. You can even submit maths problems for correction. Students can access these facilities on a one-to-one basis, as a small group or online. Maths Support Centre

What to do next?

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